Choice Organic’s Original Teas

This year, the creative firm I work for was selected from hundreds of entries to participate in Package Design Magazine’s annual, voter-based Packaging Makeover Challenge. We were buzzing with energy at the opportunity to compete with some of the bigger kids on the playground and for an industry we’ve yet to work with; tea.

My responsibilities throughout this process touched on everything from project management, conceptualization, creative direction, presentation, and design. I also took some extra time to research, and organize two successful focus groups that largely informed my final designs, and even a slight change in the brand’s name.



Founded on strong moral values like social responsibility, honesty, and environmental conscience, Choice Organic has an inspiring story that their current packaging doesn’t tell. Our designs highlight some of the greater elements of their brand such as their strong relations with fair trade tea leaf farms, and their promise to exclusively carry organic products. Additionally, Choice Organic is a matriarch in the family tree of tea brands and has actually helped set many of the standards and regulations in the tea industry, so our packaging visuals stand at the intersection of tradition, trend, and humble confidence.